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The album "Liquid Edge" - new Liquid Music by Leonhard Bartussek. 


Liquid Music Collective: 

Ten musicians on baroque instruments, grand piano, accordion/bandoneón and electric guitar and three singers*, around the renowned countertenor Valer Sabadus.


Liquid Music explores the interstices of the most diverse musical styles, without ever serving the defined musical language of a specific genre. Spanned between the three pillars of baroque, experimental contemporary and different pop music, an associative space is opened up that deliberately integrates empty spaces to stimulate the imagination of the active listener. 

The free-floating musical material organizes itself fluidly like waves in water and finds different crystallization points within the very broad and pluralistically set up musical coordinate system. 


Evoking a cosmopolitan, humanistic spirit and reflecting the composer's musically broad wealth of experience, the album features original texts in English, German, Spanish, Russian, and Stoasteirian, as well as a setting of an Italian poem by the Baroque poet Giambattista Marino. 


Taking into account the idea that the active listeners and buyers of the album are not mere consumers, they are integrated into the value creation process and, with the help of collective voting tools, help determine how the cake of profits is divided up among all participants on a quarterly basis - one person, one share, one vote. 


The explicitly post-capitalist idea is an integral part of the project - form, content and aesthetics are mutually dependent and interpenetrating. The CD covers are individually designed and hand-painted by composer and artist Leonhard Bartussek. Each CD is hand-signed and unique. This is to give the album a special value in times of inflationary availability of music. 

In order to be able to implement all these ideas, all channels for sales, distribution, advertising and collective participation will be brought together on the project's own website, namely at: www.liquidmusic.earth.