art - performance art and sound installations


My objects and sound installations are developed from a concrete musical idea, an individual sound image. In this sense, my interventions in space are materialized sound and represent for me a grown extension of my music.  In addition to the possibility of expansion in space, I am interested in the field of the pictorial shaping of sound, the breaking up of the time continuum naturally inherent in music. A musical moment becomes an event coagulated in a time loop that can be experienced individually and repeatedly. The precise visual realization is at the service of the playful experience of the sonic idea. 

In addition to the idea of how visual art, intertwined with concert performances, can expand my music and auditory associative space with a visual one, the visual production has taken on a momentum of its own and partially decoupled from the music. Mainly photos are created, which are then reworked with the help of the iPad. In the photos, the depicted reality is bent and liquefied, and the relationship between the world of things and people is traced. With the help of the titles, the visual impression can be given an additional level of association.



Performance, Düsseldorfer Art Lab, Tonhalle Düsseldorf

performance "J.S.Bach: Das Kapital" bozar, brussels

performance "J.S.Bach: Das Kapital" early music festival cologne

exhibition "surprise" Galerie judith andreae, Bonn

solo show "out of fugue" museum k101, Cologne